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Recreating Vermeer’s paintings: article in Vanity Fair

I just read this article in Vanity Fair about a huge experiment to recreate what may have been the Dutch painter Vermeer’s secret weapon to create such incredibly photo-realistic paintings all the way back in the 1600′s. This article covers … Continue reading

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Robert Cameron died on Tuesday

Robert Cameron died in San Francisco on Tuesday. He’s responsible for the “Above…” series of books, including “Above Hawaii”, Above San Francisco” and about 10 others. After selling over 2.5 million copies of the Above series, he’s got to be … Continue reading

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Found the Jeff Mitchum Gallery

I was walking around Los Gatos last weekend and I discovered the Jeff Mitchum Gallery which has a mix of high-end furniture and panoramic photos.  The furniture is very comfortable (and attractive) but the photos are really stunning.  He shoots … Continue reading

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Working for Free – Photography is not Plumbing

There’s been a huge discussion going on recently on The Interwebs about photographers working for free.  Big-time bloggers like David Hobby (of Strobist), Vincent Laforet, Chase Jarvis, and John Harrington are all talking about it right now due to a … Continue reading

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Shooting on white seamless

Photographer Zack Arias has put together a five-part discussion about how to build a space for shooting people on white seamless, and all the different ways you can make it look. Great post!  This is one to bookmark, or send … Continue reading

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