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Lightroom 4 public beta is here!

Adobe just turned the public beta of Lightroom 4 loose!  You can can all the info here: I’m going to make this entry short because I want to go watch the 8 YouTube videos they havejust posted, which you … Continue reading

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Adobe ACE exam: why do it?

I was reading John Nack’s blog the other day and discovered the Adobe ACE program (Adobe Certified Expert) which is where you go to a testing center and take a multiple choice exam about a specific Adobe product.  If you … Continue reading

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Replaced the GPS

My friend Philip commented in the post I made about losing my GPS that I should just get another Garmin Legend HCx, since they have gotten more affordable.  I looked at the newer Oregon/Dakota models but I ended up taking … Continue reading

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Lost Garmin GPS

I seem to have lost my beloved Garmin eTrex HCx, which I use for geotagging, as well as driving directions and other useful things.   I love geotagging so much that I’m going to have to replace it.   I’ve got a … Continue reading

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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Wrap-up

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to shoot the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on January 9th, and indeed I did.   I’ll spare you the blow-by-blow details but I want to give a quick summary about how … Continue reading

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Mac Pro: not enough ports!

I’m moving my desk and computer around which means disconnecting the entire thing and reconnecting it in another room. So this is a fine time to think about the design of the Mac Pro, as it relates to ports on … Continue reading

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New Canon Stuff Tomorrow

Canon is introducing a bunch of new mid-range and high-end photography gear today. Well, tomorrow really, since it’s still Wednesday where I am. I’ll include some links to the DP Review (owned by Amazon) press release pages. The list includes … Continue reading

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Embracing the iPhone in small steps

Thanks to a hand-me-down 32 GB iPhone 3GS, I’m giving the iPhone another try. Things are working out a lot better this time around, even though I’m still kicking and screaming while resisting being sucked all the way into the … Continue reading

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Camera Bits (Photo Mechanic) President describes why the iPad is a non-starter for photographers as an editing platform

There are a lot of photographers that saw the iPad and immediately thought it would make an excellent mobile platform for downloading pictures from a camera, quick editing, and uploading to the Web. Well, there are a lot of reasons … Continue reading

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Canon 10-22mm wide-angle zoom lens is for sale

Since upgrading to the Canon 5-D mkII last year, I’ve been planning to phase out my reduced frame (EF-S mount) lenses. I just picked up the 17-40 mm wide angle zoom which means the 10-22 EF-S lens is ready for … Continue reading

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