I have a philosophy about my photography but I can’t really put it into words.  There are a few things I  know:

I’m passionate about the print

Commercial clients almost always want digital files only but when it comes to my personal work I’m almost always shooting with an eye towards the printed product.  There’s nothing like seeing a piece of work hanging on a wall, and prints will probably outlast digital files and digital photo frames.

There’s something deeply satisfying about the low-tech presentation of piece of paper.  No software to update, no power required, and no interface specifications to become incompatible.

I love books

In addition to a fondness for prints, I love a good coffee table book.   Some people use photography as an excuse to travel or expose themselves to new and exciting things.   I hope someday to have enough solid material for a quality coffee table book.

I love the outdoors but don’t get there enough

Although most of my photography “for pay” is in very controlled situations indoors, I really love the outdoors.   The commercial market for landscape photography is pretty thin (and there are a lot of people that do it a lot better than I do) so I would never try to make a living at landscape photography, but I love using photography as an impetus to get outside.  Also, I find the challenge of integrating high tech devices with harsh natural environments fun.

I love technology

In spite of the throwback sentiments expressed above, I am not averse to applying technology to photography.   I am at my core an engineer before I am an artist.  Technology and I get along very well, and I love managing data and playing with new toys.   When I can use it to create the photography I want, that’s ideal.

I love to build things – especially tools

I like learning about technology, but mostly I like to build things.  Software things, wooden things, photography things, anything.  But especially I like to build tools to do other things.

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