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Intro to Lightroom Classes Available

I list “digital workflow consulting” as one of the things I can offer to help you out with your digital photography but recently I’ve been thinking about putting together a more focused workshop that would help someone new to digital … Continue reading

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Another wedding photobooth

I did another photobooth at a wedding last week and it worked out really well.  (Pics are here on flickr)   The biggest improvement this time:  A laptop for instant review. People really seemed to react to being able to see … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4 public beta is here!

Adobe just turned the public beta of Lightroom 4 loose!  You can can all the info here: http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2012/01/lightroom-4-beta-now-available.html I’m going to make this entry short because I want to go watch the 8 YouTube videos they havejust posted, which you … Continue reading

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Adobe ACE exam: why do it?

I was reading John Nack’s blog the other day and discovered the Adobe ACE program (Adobe Certified Expert) which is where you go to a testing center and take a multiple choice exam about a specific Adobe product.  If you … Continue reading

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Lightroom “plug-ins” are not really plug-ins

Sorry for the quick entry without all the hyperlinks I normally put in, but I’m about to have breakfast in Hawaii and I just wanted to get this off my chest. First off, let me say that I’m a huge … Continue reading

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Smart Objects in Adobe CS4

I’m working on another book project that involves editing a lot of photos in Lightroom and importing them into InDesign.   There are lots of cycles of importing into InDesign, looking at the images, deciding on an edit, making the edit … Continue reading

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Lightroom 2.0 Beta

As some of you might know, Adobe is sharing a pre-release version of Lightroom 2.0 with the world.  You can find out more about it at the Adobe Labs website. I’ve installed it and given it a whirl, but most … Continue reading

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